A Happy new year! 2017.

A photo from Piazzale Michelangelo of the fist sunrise of this year!
It was freezing cold. -5 degrees centigrade.
But the sky was clean and the warm light was shining the beautuful Florence city and the Arno river was still like a mirror.

This is the 13th year after I’ve started  FIRENZEWEB.NET
It amazes how time flies when I hear news like my ex-client has opened their own shops and restaurants in Japan and achieving their goals.

I have finally renewed the HOME PAGE last year!
So this year I will be updating many Schools and Florence NEWS!
So please click ” MI PIACE” or Bookmark our site.

I hope to support all the people who’s interested in Studying in Italy!
We are not limited to Japanese people .
Although the site is only in Japanese for now , but I will support also in English from other countries.

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